PAN India

Azorte is a concept store designed for the first time. it is a departmental store with a unique blend of high-street apparel that brings together the best of contemporary Indian and international fashion. 

We have made all the fixtures for this store including – wall fixtures, floor fixtures, sofas, digital entrance arch and infinity Mirror. All the engineering was done by the factory based on the concept received from design team.

Product Highlight:

  1. Majority of the store is made with custom designed solid surface. 
    1. It is used for making shelves, podiums, nesting tables, cash counter and bottom storage units. 
    2. All storage unit with shutters or drawers are cladded with solid surface. 
  2. The digital entrance arch & Infinity mirror concept are unique and challenging design in terms of execution. 
  3. Unlike a regular departmental store, Azorte has many furniture designs to cater to different segments of sale, hence a eye candy store for any customer.